We specialize in the garage door industry

We provide you with a vast range of residential garage doors, from meranti timber doors to a range of steel garage doors and more.

See our gallery for some of the garage doors and garage door motors available.

We also do custom garage doors that will suit your specific needs and design

What to look at if you want to purchase a garage door for your house.

  • What kind of door do you have in mind?

For residential use we can provide you with the following:

Standard sectional door (timber or steel)

A sectional doors consist out of between 4 and 6 panels that moves up in rails over into the garage.
These type of door are the most common doors and can be made to specific sizes as well.

Space required for a sectional door:

For a standard sectional 5 panel door, you will need the following space into your garage:

Single sectional door:

Opening measurements       = 2440mm (w) x 2135mm(h) (standard opening)
Headroom measurement     = 300mm (minimum)
Nib space on the sides         = 114mm (minimum)
Inside space required           = 3500mm (minimum)

The same will apply for a double door.
Except that your opening width will be 4880mm(w) instead of 2440mm(w)...

Maintenance information for garage doors:

Since any garage door is the biggest moving part of your house, it is necessary to look after the door and see to it that the door is serviced on a regular basis.

All moving parts on a garage door such as hinges, rollers, cables and springs has a certain life expectancy ( duty cycle).

It is advisable for any garage door especially sectional garage doors to be serviced roundabout every 5 years.

Residential garage door springs are designed to have a duty cycle of 10000 cycles. This means that if your garage door open and close 4 times per day, your springs will last
5 to 6 years and will need to be replaced

Your timber door also needs to be treated with oil at least 2 times per year, to preserve your timber door to last a lifetime.

By looking after your door at a regular basis will save you money and your door will have a longer lifespan.



Standard steel roll-up doors

For your standard steel roll up doors you will need less space for the door to move in but still the same opening measurements that will apply for all types of standard doors.

Roll-up doors requires the same opening width and height than with a sectional door.

The only difference is that it requires more headroom space of 400mm minimum.

With these measurements the door will be able to be automated without doing extra alterations.

Roll-up door are made of 0.5mm steel and are quite robust.
Colors available are Buffalow Brown, Beige, white
and green. Galavanised door are also available.

All of these doors are available in opening width sizes
up to 6000mm(w) and a maximum height of up to 3000mm. (sectional and roll up doors)

Garage door motors.

The ALADDIN II garage door operator.

- This is a robust 100W / 1000N closed chain garage door operator and very silent.
- It comes with a 24V battery back-up facility which will allow you to operate the motor 
during a power failure.
- The motor comes with a onboard code hopping receiver and 2 x 4 button transmitters.

The PRO ALPHA 2000 garage door operator.

This motor is an icon for more than 20 years and is locally manufactured.

- This is an 250W / 260N   220/240V AC direct worm drive operator and very strong.
- The control card is a 12 – 24V logic board with an on board code hopping receiver.
The card also allow for other receivers to be fitted on.

Both of these operators are available for sectional and tip up doors and caravan sizes are
available as well.

Gate motors


 Main features

  • Battery backup
  • Potent push force
  • Intelligent speed control
  • Rapid and smooth opening and closing
  • Exceptionally easy system set up via LCD user interface
  • Onboard NOVA (KeeloqTM encryption) multichannel receiver with selective delete
  • Multiple operating features including Alarm Modes (a world first)
  • Integral ChronoGuard timer functionality


D5-Evo – The evolution of the tried and tested D5, 500kg gate operator for domestic and light-industrial applications